What is it?

The March Movement is a month of doing good deeds. It’s about uniting our society through daily acts of kindness, and spreading good vibes that have an impacting ripple effect on others.


Take part in its inaugural year and join us as we create a movement of like-minded folk, committed to spreading the love through one good deed a day. It’s all about taking the time to do that little bit extra for someone you care about, or even better, someone you haven’t even met (yet).

Why start it?

By starting the movement, we’re aiming to remind people to think of others and provide a platform to experience the great feeling of giving unconditionally.


Through one good deed a day, help us move our world into a more loving and kind place to live.

2017 March Movement Goals


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Good Deeds Completed

How Does It Work?

Whether it’s buying a coffee for a stranger, giving a meal to the homeless or really showing a friend that you care, March Movement members commit to doing a good deed a day in the month of March. You’ll know a good deed when you’ve done one!


Each day whether the deed is big or small, share it within the March Movement Facebook group and spread the good around. The process is simple:


Commit to a good deed to a different person each day in the month.


Be creative! Try not to repeat the same deed throughout the month. Challenge yourself and think of all of the different ways that you can make someone’s day.


Share your good deed each day within the Facebook group being accountable and encouraging others.

Share your deed with the March Movement group on Facebook.


Feel good and give back.


In our definition, a good deed is a positive act for someone done above and beyond your day to day routine.



Met up with my grandma today and just chatted with her for a while to let her know she was loved and important to me.

Wrote a hand-written note to my friend on what they mean to me and why they are awesome.

Spoke with and took the time to listen to the homeless man’s story.



Welcomed my new neighbour over to my house for breakfast on Sunday.

Mowed my neighbours lawn for them.

Made my co-worker their favourite treats un-announced.



Spring cleaned and donated my clothes to charity.

Volunteered my time to a good cause.

Offered my services and skills to someone in need.



Bought a coffee for the person behind me in the line.

Send Flowers anonymously to the colleague having a tough day.

Cleaned the local park.

What our Movement members are saying…

Domenic Nesci 

“March movement changed the way that I look at the world and how I engage with people. I now try to live by doing good deeds where I can; I am much more considerate of my neighbour and know the power of making even the smallest gesture.

March movement is a time to think about the people around you and how you can make a positive impact in their lives. Even the smallest gesture can make someone’s day.”

Daniel Harris, Founder @March Movement

“After struggling to find a good way to give the act of doing a good deed per day day facilitated this desire without having to donate money to a cause I have no control over.

Doing a simple deed a day, selfishly made me feel good. It challenged me to be creative and to genuinely look outside myself to see how I could positively impact people around me.”

Join The Movement in 2017

We aim to change the world by changing how people interact with one another leading to a more positive, giving and loving way of life.

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